CF02 | the ocean is emotion

Dawn Patrol

I live in the hollow salty sea.
Peddling dreamily to paddle wondering;
what emotions have the waves today?

drift, rift, ride,
calm, flat, friendly, healthy, dumpy,
curly, pitted, fluid, tensive,
connective, mythic, misty

Emotion is an ocean.
Pond Club

Minimalism, essentialism. I drift back.

“Everyone seems to take it for granted
that the accumulation of knowledge is a good thing.
'and what shall I do when I have it?'”
_Henry Miller.

The waves recommend me to create beautiful patterns.
Nuit blanche.
Dig for treasure;
access the soul.
Develop the unused potential of the mind.
A tire d’aile.

I wonder if there is a certain stage of maturity in which humans require ridiculous dogs.