CF03 | entropy

I am verdigris.
The oxide that copper bleeds from castaway wounds.

I am rarely red rage.

I am tragedy.
The emotion that accompanies harming those we love most.

Kids give zero shits. Access the creative spirit and the soul. Some argue that the psychedelic experience allows kidness. To kid (v.): to banter; to jest.

Growing up is poison.

Yet, you still decide the definition of your living room.

There is a specific soul that animates.
Maychance it is the soul of emotion itself.

Entropy (observations in foam)

arrive on a wave
get a puppy
play in the waves
get married
burst and rewave
buy a house
play in the Waves
dominate the world
wash away into nothingness

Random chance decides which foams will live fast in the festive waves and which get pushed off the point to drift in solitary aloofness.

Notes from sometimes Shaman Steven:
“everything is temporary” and “the truth is different.”

permanency is temporal
the permanent you is an illusion
forever is composed of nows
innovation requires self-doubt judo

Siddhartha learned from a river that everything comes back again.
One can learn anything from a river:
how to listen with an open heart.

The mountain, the wind, the ocean.