CF08 | isolation is relative

Life on this island is perilous.
Just to be seen as such.
No other reason.
Are you looking now?

I have learned rather to be thankful for the gift that is my experience. Robinson Crusoe suggests, from his island of relative paradise, to “compare their condition with those that are worse, in order to be thankful, rather than always comparing with those that are better.” Love what you have. Happy people do this.

France was my myopic island.
Some quandary.

The little waves on the lake are in great haste when observed to the north.
The same waves are calm when looking to the west.
They are the same ripples set in haste by the same wind.

Age ebbs with merriment and sport.

The new age movement is driven by an urgent quest to remain ignorant and blissful.
A movement of non-action.