CF11 | have you ever kissed the sunshine?

Do we love people?
We kiss sunshine?

The cult of pleasure.
Giving and taking become one.

Can one possess love?
Can one possess another?
Be mine.
To be a partner.
Stuck in possession.

Is it necessary and human and paleolithic?
We possess each other for some
elusive {yet essential} purpose.

The moon is at work
pulling the tides of our blood.

Beauty (n.): an altered state of consciousness, an extraordinary moment of poetry and grace. Imperfect, impermanent, incomplete. Highly subjective, with the help of circumstance, context, and point of view. Beauty is a dynamic that occurs between you and something(one) else.

One day we'll get old.
Complete disregard for the lust of youth.
A fall for each other’s spirits.

Willing a person to love you is like willing a pine cone off a tree. Alternate procedures include:

Business is a game. Taken too seriously, it will corrupt you.
Love is not a game. We were born corrupt.

“it’s only when you’re in love with another person that you see them as they really are … a divine being … when you’re not in love with people, you see only a fragmented version of them.” _Alan Watts.

“After love, each must admire the other as victor and vanquished. As to quell surfeit tedium, or the sense of having been taken advantage of.”