CF13 | cloudriding in circles

I spend my life chasing the inner cathedral.
It rises within
{a sun}
The journey
Chasing windmills:
getting nowhere.

The utter silliness
Up + down.
Out + in.
Riding around in circles.
Of course, we are all _______ around in circles.
The question:
How we go about our circles?
I’d like to be riding.
To watch clouds mate.
The search for Wolverine Club.

When will I break myself?
Render myself unpermitted
to my own church.
is the only way.

To all the adventure addicted:
How do you plan for the inevitable?

I am enormously grateful for the creative people I get to call friends. I have a friend bias, which is when you like some creation better because a friend made it, like parents that love their kid’s drawings extra.

I have a bias towards well-designed labels.
Wine and internet music.

Clouds are horny and inconsiderate.
Have you ever observed the clouds mate?
Required: one used and abused body.
Technique: watch the sky.
They are licentious in their bodacious bodies if you watch long enough.

There is no purpose in figuring out that you are riding in circles,
but instead to study the size and nature of the circles.
Can a circle be abstract?
Beauty fleets.
“They just fall in the water in the end.”

Surf is where you find it.
Time runs.