CF15 | all you need is less

I try minimalism, halfheartedly.

I hoard pursuits.
We are temporary

How to live in several places; community requires commitment.

I have become patriotic, finally.
I love the USA and our mass of extremities.

It is within silence that electronic music wields power.

The relation between musical notes make them harmonious. Humans are notes that make communities of harmony when well arranged.

Money is the least valuable valuable.
“If you can buy it with money, then it is cheap.” _G. Lopez.

“Chasing after money
and dreams that can’t come true.
I’m glad that we are different
We’ve better things to do.”
_Grass Roots

Regular rapscallions.
Principle is meaningless.

Tao Te Ching IX
“It is better to leave a vessel unfilled than to attempt to carry it when full”

Owning things is burden
Traveling with valuables is hindrance
Banking excess delivers fret
The practice of collecting {any material thing} is distraction

“It is always easier to be extravagant when you have nothing.
Few indeed are those who continue to be openhanded after they have acquired the means for it.”
_A. Camus
A delicious cycle of bohemia.

Shaman Steven
practicing doing nothing.