CF17 | creator's heaven

The principle of anti-atrophy.
Tao - “If you keep feeling a point that has been sharpened the point cannot long preserve its sharpness.”
If you crash a bike and a surfboard, something will hurt.

“When the work is done and one’s name is becoming distinguished, to withdraw in obscurity is heaven.”
Our favorite bands disappear. I “succeeded” once; obscurity became heaven.

“Nothing is what you can see of your eyes without a mirror.”
_Patti Smith.

The journey is the destination;
“the pleasure is on the path,
any path.”
_A. Jeweleye

Tycho is the setting sun on the French Atlantic.
I am a mirror.
Many mirrors.
Self exile.
Beauty and mystery.

Absurdism: “The result of our desire for clarity and meaning within a world that offers neither.”