CF01 | lakes cry rain

When rain falls upon a lake,
is it the lake crying?

The fox forms our childhood baselines.
We groove in its spirit.
We play.

Globalized food is a queer journey. Corporate/capitalist doctrines dictating what we humans ought to eat + the melting pot of immigration + the dastard bastardizations humans love + global wierding. Food cultures cease to relate to place.


We wander away from the
“concentric circles of misery and limitations”
“without the slightest ideas of what we’re doing.”
What idealist glory.
Vanity at its finest.
Lofty goals are how we thrive.

I was born a dreamer.
Reject systems of thought.

Abstraction is free.

“There is no past or future.
There is a perpetual present to contain the trinity of memories.”
The sun slurps, time slips.

“Shard by shard, we are released from the tyranny of so-called time.” _Patti Smith.

“A wheel, that is a clock with no hands smashing down the road of its own power colliding with a massive cornucopia.” _Patti Smith

the clouds are sailing
in their meaningless circles
as all else.

“I wonder if the snow loves … that it kisses … so gently.” _L. Carrol